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Plextor M6 family performance @ Cebit

Nothing shows the difference in performance between two products quite like a side by side comparison. Here at CeBIT 2014, KitGuru goes one stage further.

So what is ‘stage further’ than a side-by-side?  You may well ask.

Plextor’s latest M6 SSD technology, being compared against itself, with 3 different interfaces.


This drive will be available as a :-

  1. Traditional 2.5″ unit
  2. PCI-Express card
  3. PCI-Express ‘push in’ module

You can find the ‘Push In’ sockets on the Asrock FX990 Fatal1ty board today and, rumour has it, Intel’s next-gen Z97 chipset products in the very near future. You can see the socket ’empty’ and ‘populated’ here.


The following shots show the kind of performance gap you can expect when SSD manufacturers port a design like the M6 from one kin dof PCI-Express interface to the next. This is the first time we have seen this kind of comparison for a drive which Plextor engineers claim a sequential read speed of 520MB/sec in a standard 2.5″ housing with a SATA connection.

Check closely and you will see that the actual memory module on the PCI Express card (right) is almost identical to the ‘tick’ on the left.


KitGuru says: Even if the ‘pure PCI Express’ is a tad quicker, there’s something inherently sexy about the push in version that makes us desire it more. Would you really notice a real world difference of 16MB/sec one you’re past 700MB/sec overall?

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