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OCZ forced to admit: Honey I shrunk the Vertex 2 @ Computex

KitGuru's like speed. SSD delivers speed in buckets. Few companies took off with the idea of SSD as fast as OCZ. Given that the leader into this market was Intel, with the stunningly good X.25, we think that OCZ has done a great job of jostling for first place in this seriously difficult market sector.

Tucked into a side room on the 10th floor of the Grand Hyatt in Taipei, OCZ had a surprisingly full line up of new products, including the latest Vertex 2 – designed for notebook users whose laptops need steroids.

KitGuru zooms in on the action

Should we be surprised that the 1.8” drive has exactly the same performance characteristics as its big brother?  Probably not. The only limitation (if you can call it that) will be size. Initially, these drives won’t be larger than 240GB, but with 285MB/sec read and 275MB/sec write, who’s gonna quibble about size?

Inside track, Vertex 2 spec

KitGuru says: Damn! Just when you thought it was safe to be happy with the notebook you got – OCZ’s gotta pull something like this out its butt. Now we’re all envious that the Vertex 2, at just 1.8”, is packing more meat than us!

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