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Corsair Graphite at $149: Carbon copy or Diamond cut? @ Computex

Most exhibitions in the world have the best products, you know, at the show. It doesn't work that way at Computex. Far from it. KitGuru's spies went behind closed doors and into Corsair’s exclusive little suite – tucked away on the 10th floor of a hotel.

Corsair’s existing moves into the chassis market have been marked by 2 things:-

  1. Stunning attention to detail – shown in the price
  2. Lower sales volume than desired – explained by the price

With a targeted street price of $149, the Corsair Graphite 600T will be a much more serious challenge for other companies competing in the enthusiast space.

Familiar styling

There is plenty of space inside the chassis and the neatly removable drive bay reveals an additional, front-mounted 120mm fan that will chill most (regular) graphic card set ups.

Corsair lady pulls it off for us

That fan normally blows across a set of bays – but does not have to. The nice young lady removed the bay for us and explained that this would be the best way to set the chassis up for those of you contemplating GTX SLi.

Now that's what we call removable 26

Corsair obviously has the Antec 1200 firmly in its sights (and has borrowed heavily from the Cooler Master Cosmos ‘S’ school of design) to make a chassis that ‘looks right' for the UK market.

KitGuru says: Like everything that Corsair does, this case certainly looks the part. We’ll see if the solid looks are backed up by sensible thermals, air flow and noise reduction once we rip one open [Sorry, carefully test – Ed] in the KitGuru Lab. $149 is around £100. Not cheap. Not expensive. But is it just right?

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