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ADATA Sponsors Accelerating Innovation Summit 2013

With a guest list of speakers that includes Intel, LSI, Box, VMWare and the Open Compute Project, AIS (Accelerating Innovation Summit) is a major conference aimed squarely at how the data processing market can handle the next generation of datacentric processing. Adata has put its hand in its pocket to sponsor the event, KitGuru casts its eye over proceedings to see if it looks like good value.

When it comes to the major data processing of the suture, there will be a number of concerns – not least of which will be the speed at which data can be processed and the cost to running a data centre 24×7.

The next generation of SSD storage device is getting bigger and faster to cope. At the same time, with no moving parts, SSD products should pass hard drives for long term reliability – while costing a lot less to run, because your data is not on a series of mechanical platters, spinning at 5-10,000 times every minute.

At the AIS 2013 conference, Adata will be showing potential partners and customers not only some 200GB SATA 6Gb/s SX1000L loving, it will also have some PCI Express Next Gen M.2 products which can move data 3x faster than the current SATA drives.

Adata's marketing guru, Alex Ruedinger explains, “Adata is responding to the latest industry and market need with these new products”.

“These storage systems are designed for both server applications, and for system integrators to effectively manage the rising data challenges faced by today’s organizations and systems planners”, said Alex. “The SX1000L server SSD is a 2.5” form factor SATA 6Gb/sec solution that is provided with customised over-provisioning and high data compression efficiency”.

“With the majority of data in enterprise environments being compressible, the SX1000L provides sustained performance, as well as superior endurance and reliability. Sequential read speeds reach 550 MB/sec, and sequential write is as high as 500 MB/sec, with IOPS of 75K and 45K  – that is with a maximum 4K random read and write, respectively, he said.

Talking about Adata's PCI Express based SSD, Alex told us, “It comes in M.2 Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) as well as 2.5” size, with cutting-edge transfer performance three times faster than SATA 6Gb/sec. These speeds are achieved with no sacrifice in reliability or size options”.

What about the sizes available?   He explained, “Capacities as high as 2 terabytes are available – with support for both AHCI and NVMe, the PCIe SSD offers Enhanced Error Correction with LDPC – as well as self-encrypting-drive readiness. This leading PCIe Gen2 4-link single System on Chip (SoC) solution is an impressive offering in terms of innovation, performance and reliability”.

You can read more about AIS 2013 here.

Places like AIS 2013 let you see a little of what tomorrow might look like, with 3x standard SSD transfer speeds seeming normal
Places like AIS 2013 let you see a little of what tomorrow might look like, with 3x standard SSD transfer speeds seeming normal. We wonder how much pressure an affordable 200GB SSD will put on Seagate and WD.

KitGuru says: Impressive stuff really, for corporates, and probably a little glimpse into the kind of desktop solution that we will all be considering in the next couple of years as processes advance and prices fall. 

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