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Computex: Corsair new Link_A_Media SSD’s, memory and more

Corsair surprised at Computex by launching a new range of SSDs based on a controller from a so far unheard of company in the consumer SSD controller space called Link_A_Media Devices or LAMD for short. In addition to that the company launched its new Dominator Platinum memory modules as well as new 1200i digital PSU which we’ve already covered.

The new Neutron and Neutron GTX series of SSDs are nothing short of impressive considering that these aren’t even final products as yet. These drives should end up combining the best features and performance from the competition, as you get SandForce based performance with Marvell level handling of incompressible data.

The Neutron models will sport toggle NAND whereas the Neutron GTX will come with ONFI NAND, so even though the read speed is rated at 555MB/s – this is pretty much the limit of the SATA 6Gbps interface – the Neturon will only hit about 370MB/s write whereas the Neutron GTX boosts this to a much faster 500MB/s.

What makes these drives stand out from the competition though is that Corsair claim that no matter the drive size, you should see the same performance across the board and both models offers 90,000 IOPS for random reads with the vanilla Neutron dropping behind slightly with 85,000 IOPS for write whereas the Neutron GTX manages 90,000 IOPS here too.

The Neutron will be available in 120 and 240GB capacities, whereas the Neturon GTX will also come in 480GB and all will come with a five year warranty. Both models come in the slim 7mm form factor and have metal enclosures.

On the memory side of things Corsair was showing off its new Dominator Platinum modules that will be available in speeds of up to 3GHz when they launch later this year, although the ones demoed were “only” clocked at 2,666MHz with timings of 10-12-12-31 and as you can see from the pictures the Dominator Platinum will come in 4x4GB kits.

However, it’s the construction of these modules that makes really quite special as Corsair has brought back its DHX cooling and has added some extra heat pipes to further help cool these modules at extreme speeds.

There’s also a built in “light bar” which will apparently be user swappable for other colours.

On top of all this, Corsair has also added support for its Corsair Link system, although it’s somewhat limited in terms of functionality at the moment as it only allows you to interact with the memory cooler that comes with the kit. Corsair is looking at implementing additional features in the future, so we’ll see how that goes. Expect these modules to carry a hefty premium when they arrive later this year.

Corsair also showed off pretty much its entire range of cases and gaming accessories at the show, but sadly there were nothing new beyond the 1200i PSU. Actually, that’s not entirely true as alongside the 1200i the company was also demoing its new Corsair Link software and as you can see, the company has done a complete overhaul of the software. The screens you’re seeing are of course of the PSU controls for the 1200i, but the UI will be consistent across all of the Corsair Link compatible products.

Kitguru says: Loads of new goodies coming for Corsair enthusiast lovers!

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