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The best SSDs on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has officially kicked off today and there are already some excellent deals starting to show up. If you are looking for a PC gaming upgrade, then today would be a good day to start shopping around. In this post, we break down the best SSDs currently discounted, including SATA and M.2 versions in capacities up to 2TB! 


We will start off with Samsung and WD. Today's Prime Day deals see the Samsung 860 EVO 1TB Sata SSD at 62 percent off, bringing the price down to just £99.99. Since this is a Sata SSD, you will be getting a typical read speed of 550MB/s, which is solid for the money. If you are after a speedier M.2 SSD, then the Western Digital SN750 NVMe SSD is on sale today, you can get a 500GB version with transfer speeds of up to 3470MB/s for £105.

While these aren't strictly Prime Day deals, Crucial and Corsair also have some sensibly priced SSDs available right now. The Crucial MX 500 for instance is available in 500GB form for just £60, 1TB for £100 or 2TB for £200. On the Corsair side of things, you can get an M.2 MP300 240GB SSD for £44, a 480GB for £74 or a 960GB version for £145. Since these are all M.2 drives, there is a speed advantage over SATA, with read speeds of up to 1600MB/s.

KitGuru Says: There will be more deals coming up throughout the week so we'll have a few more updated round-ups as things progress. Tomorrow in particular should be an interesting day for PC hardware. Let us know if any of you end up picking something up! 


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