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Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD Review

Rating: 9.0.

This month Kitguru has been at the forefront of many Solid State Drive reviews including the new models from ADATA and OCZ. Today we are looking at the new model from Corsair, the Force 3 120GB which is set to target a wide audience, offering high levels of SATA III performance for under £200.

Corsair have a well earned reputation within the industry, their product portfolio ranges from high performance liquid based ‘all in one’ CPU coolers to class leading 80 Plus Gold Certified power supplies. We have recently tested many 240GB solid state drives however our readers wanted us to look at something slightly more affordable today.

The Force 3 drives use the same Sandforce 2281 controller that is inside the ADATA S511, OCZ Agility 3 and Vertex 3 drives.

All of the SandForce SF-2000 series controllers still utilise the patented DuraWrite technology, on the fly compression which reduces the size of the data written to the drive. When this is paired up with wear leveling and intelligent block management the drive will require fewer write cycles during regular use.

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  • Raymond

    excellent, under £200 is really good IMO

  • Francis

    These drives are all coming really soon. OCZ were out first, have they a special deal with Sandforce or something?

  • Irian

    Sandforce are brilliant. One of these will be my next purchase, but i might go for vertex 3. undecided……. wont be going for 240gb however, thats too much cash. my wife would kill me.

  • Nanny

    Very impressive. I love their PSU;s too

  • Optix

    Been waiting on a review of one of these for a while now. lives up to what I expected. count me in. (heads to scan).

  • k0rn

    I love corsair products, quality company.

    In this case id just go with whatever one gives the best deal, whether its OCZ or ADATA or whoeever. all the same controller at the end of the day

  • jonny

    Got mine disk in my mail soon.

  • samuel

    Ill be ordering two when they are available for my new system.

  • Paulie

    preordered one too

  • Oron

    There seems to be a good bit of room for tuning with the sandforce controller. all of the drives perform slightly differently.

    Makes it more interesting. I still that max IOPS unit is spectacular from OCZ

  • SkevoSmurai

    so which one OCZ Vertex 3 120 gb or Corsair Force 3 Series 120 gb??

  • Manbir

    Id go for whichever is cheapest. Same controller with slightly different tweaks.

  • Mike

    Totally bogus review. The drives in question have been verified as fully defective and cannot operate inside the specs. All drives fail soonb after install – Corsair has acknowledged this. They came out with a fix that is also bogus. Stay clear of these drives. They are crap.

  • The review is not bogus – the results came from the drive we have – the drive I still have here – there are many screenshots in the review after all. After I reviewed the product, we noticed it started developing an intermittent fault and I helped Corsair by reporting the issues. The statement regarding the fault we posted front page. One of the first sites on the net to post it actually.

    It is actually a problem with the Sandforce controller on specific drives as I have another drive from another OEM with the same issue. If they can fix the problem, the results in this review are valid. The conclusion of the review was appended to reflect the documented issues.

  • FrozenOne

    Hint to the people who conducted these tests:
    User Alt+Print Screen instead of just Print Screen

  • Pavel LOCK’d

    what about power consumption?