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Corsair Force F40 40GB SSD Review – in Raid 0

Our review samples arrived in large white boxes with a blue Corsair logo emblazoned on the front.

The box art follows a similar path to the other Corsair products we have reviewed lately. Clean, corporate and very attractive.

The bundle is spartan, as would be expected at this price point. The drive however is securely packaged in a hard plastic sleeve.

We always enjoy the Corsair reviewers guides, this one is particularly amusing as their ‘test system’ was intended to duplicate an ‘average’ user’s system. Comprising ‘just’ an Intel 980x, 12GB of DDR3 and ATI HD5870. I am sure everyone reading this has a similar system also.

The F40 is a plain black unit with a brushed aluminum rear – I deliberately put it under high intensity flash to capture the lovely textured appearance.

Opening the shell we can see the memory chips and the Sandforce SF1200 controller which takes center stage in the middle of the PCB. Even though we have no information on this I am pretty sure the NAND memory is Micron based (marked 29F32G08).

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