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Intel 520 Series 240GB Solid State Drive Review

The Intel 520 Series 240GB is one of the fastest solid state drives on the market, right at the very top of our group test beside the Patriot Wildfire 240GB and Vertex 3 240GB MAX IOPS. There is no doubt that Intel’s custom validated firmware has been finely tuned to offer class leading IOPS performance with both random read and write tests.

The Intel 520 Series drive excels when dealing with both compressible and incompressible data, meaning it can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including professional level rendering and data intensive multi tasking environments.

While there is a profusion of competing products and concerns have been raised about Sandforce reliability I would have no hesitation buying one of these drives for my own system. Intel are standing firmly behind this drive with a full 5 year warranty for complete peace of mind. We know for a fact that Intel have a first class warranty system, so if you have been unsure recently about the Sandforce platform, then this could very well make a fantastic first time purchase.

My favourite performance oriented solid state drive has been the Patriot Wildfire 240GB, but this Intel 520 Series 240GB is just as impressive, with slightly better IOPS performance.

The Intel 520 Series 240GB drive costs £399.95 from ARIA in the UK. At this price we feel it offers great value for money with the fastest performance on the market today.

Just remember, if funds are tight the 120GB version or 60GB version will make less of a dent on your wallet.

Aria have a full range of Solid State Drives, available here.


  • Class leading performance.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • good with both compressible and incompressible data.


  • not quite as fast as the latest Samsung drives when reading imcompressible data.

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Rating: 9.0.

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