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Intel X25-V SSD 40Gb – QUAD Raid 0 performance

Rating: 9.0.

This week has been an ‘SSD-fest’ on KitGuru and today we are going to take another look at the excellent Intel X25-V SSD 40GB units which we reviewed last month in both single and dual Raid 0 configurations.

Why revisit them? A handful of our readers have asked me how they ‘scale’ when more than two are placed into a Raid 0 system. Intel kindly sent us four X25-V SSD drives to try in a ‘Quad’ Raid 0 configuration and as we use an inexpensive (but effective) Intel DP55WG for all our SSD tests we thought this would be interesting to try.

It is even more poignant now as the X25-V drives are going to be dropping in price from their current £100 cost to around £85-90. In theory you could buy one of these drives, then keep adding to them when funds permit, enhancing system performance with each upgrade. The big question however, is it really worth your while?

Intel X25-V Value 40GB
Capacity 40GB
Controller Intel
Read: Up to 170 MB/s
Write: Up to 35 MB/s
NAND Flash 34nm Multi level Cell (MLC)
Interface SATA II
Weight 68g

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  • Tri Color

    This site just gets cooler every day. what an awesome idea.

  • Death Dealer

    Over 650MB/s. Almost spat out my tea there, what a great concept idea from intel and very cool of them to send you 4 SSDS for this !

  • Tech Head

    Tips my hat to you Zardon. what a brilliant idea and its actually VERY practical. this is easily upgraded over the months.

  • Flo

    That is immense. I love the Corsair F40s and they would be faster than four of these, but if the prices of these drives drop to 80 each, what a bloody great deal. I STILL strongly believe that write speed is no where near as important as read in windows environment. Not outside a server anyway. This is a good indication of read performance.

  • Stefan

    Until you broke it down on conclusion page I had a brief moment of “WTF!” when I saw the review title. Great idea and it does scale very well, single drive write of 35mb/s is poorish, but it really helps in raid 0. Also that is brilliant to hear their raid 0 controller can still offer TRIM support! That might mean the edge over corsair.

  • Tim

    Raid 0 TRIM support? I must have missed that one. intel stepped up to the plate with that. only maker I know who supports that unless ive missed more.

  • Harry

    over 650 megabytes per second. Its quite amusing to see that. I know the PCIe controllers are much higher cost for this level of performance from flash memory.

  • Brad

    holy crap batman – thats some mega bandwidth !!!!!

  • Sam

    Very impressed with this – very interesting article.

  • Farank

    An interesting point was made. People might look at this and say/ what the hell is the point? but when you look at the price in total, thats actually LESS than I paid for my first big mechanical hard drive. we are so spolit for choice now. clearly im showing my age.

  • Darth Maul

    I would be happy with one of these ! Seriously. I might get one from yoyotech when prices drop.

  • David

    Is kitguru working with yoyotech now? I live near the store. might pop in and say hello.

  • Dan

    As much as the article is fascinating, I dont think this is very realistic for most people. I mean you are using 4 SATA ports on your motherboard for a start which means most of them are gone without getting any mechanical drives.

  • Tech Head

    @ Dan. I don’t agree. most motherboards now have 6 sata ports. even lower end boards. so you would be left with at least 2 slots. 2x2TB hard drives. 4TB mechanical ‘storage’ and mega quick boot up. Works for me and most people I would think.

  • Robert

    4 SSDs? I almost swallowed my spoon there.

    What is the point of this? 650 MB/s who the hell needs that?

  • Francois LeBon

    @ Robert, probably not many ‘need it’ but people in some countries would say the same thing about the spoon you just swallowed. thats classed as a luxury also 😉

    I think its interesting. If you did it with 256GB Crucial drives at £550 a pop then I might slap some heads, but these are meant to be dropping to £80 a piece soon, its not a lot really for maximum performance.

  • Horrace

    Fascinating idea really. and it works well. the write performance is quite low, even with four, but i guess it doesnt translate into crap real world performance

  • Joe

    Great idea, love it. well done.

  • Godsmack

    The game test got me, the start up time, thats wicked.

  • Dave Jones Locker

    Scrummy. COrsair F40 are better but a little more expensive. Have to say I had no idea you lost TRIM support in RAid 0 so the fact Intel support it seems to be a decided factor.

  • Bob Smyth

    Very nice testing idea, and its a good upgrade option for many users. the 40GB drives seem a great choice right now. Think the corsair ones are also very good.

  • Bryan

    Great review thanks for the unusual tests, really appeal to me. First time posting, but long time reader.