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OCZ RevoDrive X2 240GB Review

Rating: 9.0.

Kitguru has reviewed a wide cross section of SSD’s since we opened earlier this year, but today we are looking at something a little different. OCZ have been at the forefront of SSD development, continually pushing the technology into new and exciting performance sectors. Their latest ‘X2’ is the second generation RevoDrive set to redefine the performance to value for money ratio.

At around £500 including VAT it certainly won’t be a ‘spur of the moment’ purchase, but considering the quoted performance figures of up to 740 MB/s read and 720MB/s write, there is a substantial reduction in the cost of ownership when compared against competing solutions from other manufacturers.

The RevoDrive has the edge by eliminating the Sata II bottleneck and by using the PCIe x4 interface to exploit the full potential of modern day flash technology. There are a total of four SandForce 1200 SSD controllers onboard to offer potentially incredible levels of performance.

OCZ RevoDrive X2 240GB
Max Read: up to 740MB/s
Max Write: up to 720MB/s
Sustained Write: up to 600MB/s
Random Write 4KB (Aligned): 120,000 IOPS
Seek Time: 0.1ms
Interface: PCIe x4
Power Consumption: Idle 3W, Active 8W
Operating Temp: 0°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temp: -45°C ~ +85°C
Shock Resistance: up to 1500G
Raid Support: via Silicon Image 3124

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  • Garth

    Amazing how far this technology is going now. is Sata dead? hell it might need an update if we want these levels of performance. even sata 6 drives look crap in comparison to this baby.

  • Lampchop

    Price is really good, I saw a 256 data ssd for just under 500

  • Nvidia lover

    Excllent, fascinating design with the daughtercard good pics

  • Roger

    Wonder why they don’t sell it it two parts to let people get the basic product cheaper then upgrade later…

  • WasserHund

    I thought you gave the Level 10 away? Don’t tell me you just shipped it to Ireland!

  • Frankie

    Excellent design, price aint too shabby either considering the performance. Way out of my league however, need a system upgrade first.

  • Thomas

    Id like one of these, do they make them in smaller sizes? 500+ is a bit much for me.

  • @ WasserHHund – Hard to believe i know, but Thermaltake made more than one Level 10 case. We actually have three. Send me your address ill ship you one 😉 Germany via Manchester or Scotland right?

  • @ Thomas – yes they make a 100GB version http://www.scan.co.uk/products/100gb-ocz-revo-drive-x2-bootable-ssd-4-x-sandforce-1222-pci-e-x4-r-740mb-s-w-690mb-s-100k-iops?source=froogle&utm_campaign=googlebase&utm_medium=googlebase&utm_source=googlebase&utm_term=100GB+OCZ+Revo+Drive+X2+Bootable+SSD+4+x+Sandforce+1222+PCI-E+x4+R+740MB%2Fs+W+690MB%2Fs+100K+IOPS

  • Lan Man

    Its still a lot of dosh. 2TB HD is 70 quid now. slower? sure, but SSD is still much too expensive for most people.

  • WasserHHund

    Cool thanks, think you could show me how to overclock a system later if I email you? really been struggling with that this year. cheers man.

  • Fluffychicken

    Never mind the ssd, can I have the camera?

  • Simmo

    Does anyone know if the Revodrive can be used with VMware ESXi or XenServer 5.6?