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Diskeeper release viral video to highlight fragmentation issues

It seems that many companies try the ‘viral’ video approach now when trying to highlight a computer problem. The latest to join the fray are Diskeeper who have released a rather amusing little video showing how a business executive loses his cool when he finds that his computer is taking too long to open a file.

We aren’t sure its actually highlighting much in the way of how their software helps fragmentation, but it gave us a chuckle this morning. Especially as we can appreciate that many of us have been almost about to pull out a hammer ourselves at one time or another. We can imagine the actor really enjoyed watching the keys fly around the room.

In an email they sent to our news team this morning they say:

DiskeeperCorporation releases the first in a series of corporate videos addressing problems caused by fragmented computers. This comical video portrays a key problem plaguing all Windows based computer systems today. Aimed at the corporate market, the video gives a dramatic but somewhat improbable solution to slow computers – one that all of us have considered at some time or another.

Computers performing at an optimum are the lifeblood of production for any organisation today. So not only is it highly frustrating when computers slow, it is also very expensive to individuals and companies, resulting in lost production, deadline failures and many other time sensitive issues.

Thankfully, there is a far better solution than using a hammer, which is the real message and point. That solution of course is Diskeeper performance software, the leading automatic defragmenter and industry standard used by the majority of fortune 500 companies today.

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