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OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review

The OCZ Vector arrives in a bright blue box with an image of the Solid State Drive highlighted in the middle. The capacity is listed bottom right.

OCZ bundle a ‘I Love my SSD’ sticker, a 3.5 inch bay for installation in some desktop cases. There is also a code for Acronis True Image cloning software and a set of mounting screws. This software really is excellent and can completely mirror an internal mechanical drive for simple swap out, without losing any data.

The Vector 2.5 inch Solid State Drive is only 7mm thick and will fit perfectly inside the smaller, current generation of super portable ultrabook laptops. You will notice the new design for the drive, the sticker covers the complete top of the drive, which is very attractive.

Removing the chassis is very easy, although we don’t recommend you do this yourself, as it will void the warranty. That is why we are here after all !

The new Indilinx controller ships with a thermal pad on top, which connects to the aluminum chassis. This cleverly acts as a passive heatsink, helping to reduce temperatures. The ‘IDX500M00-BC’ is the latest Barefoot 3 controller and surrounding it are eight 25nm IMFT NAND flash chips. Another eight of these memory chips are on the other side of the PCB.

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  • Mannacua

    This is brilliant, IOPS is important for my work. ive ordered one for christmas.

  • Hank

    Waiting on this for a while, great review. thanks Z

  • Xtreme

    We need a SATA 4 connector now, for 900MB/s drives. almost at the limit…..

  • Brian

    Excellent drive, I hear they might be going under though, I hope this isn’t their swansong.

  • Warren

    I wouldn’t buy this, OCZ wont be here in another year. No warranty support is not a good thing.

  • Tom Howland

    I’d rather buy a Samsung 830/840 or a Crucial M4 purely because they’re reliable. I know too many people who have had problems with OCZ solid state drives.

  • Andrew Freeman

    OCZ struggling? Ho hum…. just built a PC with an Agility 3 and a power supply of theirs. With the luck I’m having no doubt they’ll end up going under and both will die a day after. Fingers x’d then….. for both my PC and OCZ staying afloat. As for the person who asked if they will honour the warranties if they go under: it’s unlikely!