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Foxconn could be making Microsoft and Amazon smartphones

While it's still considered as a rumour for now, there are reports abound suggesting that Foxconn – yes the same Foxconn that employed children – could be set to manufacture the smartphones of both Microsoft and Amazon in the coming year.

Taking this with a pinch of salt, we have had rumours in the past that suggested both companies – Amazon and Microsoft – were working on their own smartphone handsets. While that's about all the information we have on this development at the moment, we could make some speculation to add to the rumour mill. Microsoft's handset is likely to be based around the Windows 8 OS and make use of the same tab like system seem on the Surface tablet. Amazon's offering is less certain, but is likely to share some features at least with the Kindle Fire.

At least it'll make a change of pace for the work force. Amazon parts instead of Apple.

Android Authority isn't so sure about some elements of the Foxconn rumours however, suggesting that the quoted ‘limited run' of handsets isn't the type of development that Amazon usually runs with. It also points out that Microsoft has a good relationship with Nokia for handset development, so why would it need Foxconn to step in?

KitGuru Says: As with all rumours, we'd love to know what you guys think. Does this sound credible? If so, would you buy an Amazon or Microsoft smartphone? Let us know.

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