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Patriot Pyro SE 240GB & Wildfire 240GB SSD Review

Rating: 9.0.

The Solid State sector has been thriving in 2011, with a plethora of low cost models available to suit the mainstream audience. The high end enthusiast sector is significantly more demanding, with manufacturers working around the clock to get the maximum performance from their latest drives. Today we are looking at two of the latest high density drives from Patriot – the Wildfire 240GB and the Pyro SE 240GB. If maximum throughput is your top priority then you won’t want to skip this review.

Kitguru has looked at the 120GB Wildfire and 120GB Pyro in the past, and we already have high hopes that these 240GB models will provide a similar experience.

The Pyro ‘SE’ (Special Edition) is the latest release from Patriot to attract the high end enthusiast audience. This Special Edition features high quality synchronous NAND flash memory which will further enhance overall levels of performance. It has full support for TRIM and features DuraClass and DuraWrite technologies. Patriot are keen to focus on attracting as many people as possible, so they are offering the new range at very competitive pricing. The recommended cost in the United Kingdom will be £99.99 for the 60GB, £155.00 for the 120GB and £355.00 for the 240GB.

The Wildfire has been the flagship product for Patriot since it was released and is still for sale in the United Kingdom. Initially this drive cost in excess of £400, but stores such as Amazon have reduced the price to £365 inc vat.

Today we will be looking at both drives and analysing how they slot into our long term performance charts.

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  • Nugent

    With the current price of hard drives, its even better value.

  • Bistardo

    Wow very nice, shame they didnt bring out the pyro se for £300 inc vat. might have made more sense with Wildfire drops in price.

    Wildfire getting an SE too ?

  • Brian B

    Its tough to know with so many SF 2281 drives on market. they aren’t all equal but I bet most people wouldnt know if a system had a SATA 6 GB or 3GB drive in it, under real world conditions.

  • Chief Maggot

    The 120GB sounds like good value, how come you pay over double the price for double the storage (120>240gb)? is that a mistake?

  • Technono

    @ chief maggot. The high density NAND flash is more expensive so thats why. They aren’t just adding another 16 modules into the PCB. each one is twice the capacity.

  • Rufus

    Lovely, ill have two of those for my next system (pyro se)

  • Jeremy

    Patriot make great drives. Good memory too.

    Might look into a 120gb se before holidays

  • lank

    Still waiting on hard drive prices to drop, so i can get a 2tb for storage.

    Anyone know if i would notice much real world increases over a first gen ssd? Kingston

  • Garry

    @lank, have you a motherboard with sata 3 ports?

  • Davis

    Yeah, very nice. Im quite happy with my corsair force, even if its aged a bit

  • Forrest

    Hard to go wrong with a sf2281. Do patriot offer direct warranty or is it via the store?

    I got a lot of hassle trying to replace a faulty ocz last year

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