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Patriot Pyro SE 240GB & Wildfire 240GB SSD Review

The Patriot Wildfire 240GB Solid State drive ships in a menacing black box with the capacity clearly seen in red bottom right of the box.

The Wildfire 240GB drive ships with a 3.5 inch drive adapter and some mounting screws, which can be useful for installation into some chassis.

The drive is housed in an attractive black chassis with red accenting.

The Patriot Wildfire 240GB uses MLC NAND (32nm) flash memory – which are Toshiba TH58TAG7D2FBA89 branded – both sides of the PCB are populated. We know that Patriot have used Toshiba TH58TAG802FBA89 memory before in the same drive. 16GB of the total memory is reserved for data parity (8GB for RAISE), block replacement and garbage collection.

The Sandforce 2281 controller can access eight separate NAND channels, and two NAND modules are placed on each channel. The controller is marked as ‘SF-2281VB1-SDC’.

The Wildfire uses the DuraWrite algorithm which delivers on the fly compression for improved overall performance. Patriot rate this particular drive as capable of delivering sequential read & write transfer speeds of 555MB/s read | 520MB/s Write.

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