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Lite-On expecting a 6 to 700% increase in 2012 SSD revenue

If the question was asked about what type of hardware Lite-On is renowned for bringing to market, I'm sure the majority of you would have been quick to say optical drives. A statement was briefly made by the company this week that it expects to see massive growth in one area of its sales for this year. And no, it's not from optical drives – rather, SSDs.

SSDs?!?” you say. In fact, Lite-On commenced production of its own SSDs going back three years and has generated revenues of over NT$1 Billion ($33.9 Million USD) in 2011. It is clear however that the company is not at all a major player in this field with the likes of OCZ, Corsair and Crucial storming things up.

Nonetheless, Lite-On remains firm on its expectations to bring in revenues of NT$6-7 Billion from its SSD product line for this year on the basis of rapidly growing demand for SSD-equipped tablets and ultrabooks, tied in with an apparent sighting of a paper by Chinese-based Commercial Times that Lite-On has signed deals with four out of the 10 largest PC vendors for SSD orders throughout the remainder of the year.

KitGuru says: A 6 to 700% increase in revenue for 2012? Seems more like wishful thinking than expectation, but we've been proven wrong before.

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