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Arctic Freezer 13 Pro Review

The Freezer 13 Pro comes packaged in tough molded plastic which allows us to see what we are purchasing and should be sufficient to protect the cooler from any shipping damage.

The view from the front provides a good look at the 120mm white fan and the molded plastic shroud that secures it. Turning the package around we are presented with some internal performance and noise comparisons conducted by the folks from Arctic, as well as the relevant product specifications.

Once we have removed the contents from the retail packaging we get a closer look at the different mounting solutions for both Intel and AMD platforms. Arctic offers a wide range of compatibility with Intel Socket 775, 1156, and 1366; as well as AMD socket 754, 939, AM2/AM2+ and AM3. This broad range of compatibility increases their potential consumer market which can only lead to higher sales figures.

The contents consist of a black mounting bracket that replaces the one that comes on your motherboard for Intel installations.

The 4 grey plastic clips attach to the cooler retention bracket before it is secured by 2 screws to the motherboard. The 4 black plastic push pins insert into grey clips to secure the cooler in place. For AMD setups there are just two metal brackets that fit on the lugs of the standard retention bracket, attaching to the base of the cooler with 2 screws.

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