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Arctic Freezer 13 Pro Review

The front on view provides a good look at the white 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan and the molded plastic shroud that secures the fan to the heatsink. The fan has 9 blades and is rated at 49.7 CFM.

With the cooler turned around we get a clear view of the 47, 0.5mm thick aluminum fins that dissipate the heat traveling through the 4 U shaped 8mm copper heatpipes. The edge of the fins are bent slightly to direct some of the airflow over other portions of our motherboard. This angle also gives us a look at the 50mm PWM controlled fan that sits directly above the base of the heatsink. This small fan adds additional airflow as the new Freezer 13 Pro uses an innovative Cross-Blow technology. This technology provides a new level of cooling power for users with high end and overclocked systems.

The base of the Freezer 13 Pro is copper and has a machine finished surface. The surface finish is not polished but appears to be completely flat. Arctic applies an even layer of their MX-4 thermal compound to efficiently transfer heat from the CPU to the copper base of the Freezer 13 Pro.

Above is a top down image of the Freezer 13 Pro. We can see each of the heatpipes extending through the top row of aluminum fins and the top edge of the plastic shroud that secures the 120mm fan to the heatsink.  The side view shows a good view of the overall structure of the Freezer 13 Pro.

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