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Arctic Freezer 13 Pro Review

Rating: 9.0.

Since opening in May 2010 we have looked at a variety of items from Arctic and we have found that their range of products often deliver high levels of performance for very little cost. In September 2010, Henry reviewed their MX-4 Thermal paste and it was the first product to receive a perfect KitGuru 10/10 rating.

Today in the KitGuru lab we have the Freezer 13 Pro which is the latest CPU cooler offered by Arctic. The Freezer 13 Pro features their Cross-Blow cooling technique and claims to have the maximum cooling capacity of 300 watts. That kind of cooling ability should be able to tame pretty much any CPU currently available. With that in mind we have high hopes that this solution on test today will really deliver the goods.

Product Arctic Freezer 13 Pro
Compatibility Intel Socket 1366, 1156, 775

AMD Socket AM3, AM2+, AM2, 939, 754

8mm x 4
Cooling Capacity
300 watts
902 grams
Fans 120mm and 50mm
Rated Fan Speeds 120mm / 300-1350 RPM
50mm / 700-2700 RPM
Airflow 49.7 CFM / 96.8 m³/h
Limited Warranty 6 years

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  • Raymond

    That thing is a beast of a cooler.

  • Trev

    Im glad you mentioned the weight, normally that would be placed on a backplate, but a standard mounting bracket? thats a bit of a risk I think long term.

  • Francis

    Excellent low cost cooler again from AC. good company

  • Luke

    Always good to see AMD cpus being used for a change. helps us AMD folks feel more loved 😉

  • Ethan

    how about the temp for intel and the noise from the fan?

  • To Trev,
    Based on your inquiry we have done a 6-time drop test with the Freezer 13 PRO in our PC case. The drop height is 1.5m.

    The test shows the bracket is sturdy enough to protect the motherboard.