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NZXT Phantom Case Review

Next we are going to torture test the graphics card by running Furmark.  We run each of our tests for 5 thirty minute cycles and then average the 5 results to obtain our final numbers. As we did with Everest after we test the minimum and maximum fan speeds we will add an additional 120mm intake fan on the front of the Phantom and run our tests again.

With our test system configured with the default fan settings temperatures remained consistent across all of our components.  Our HIS 5850 Turbo just surpassed 70 degrees Celsius with the fan speed set to auto in the overdrive section of the Catalyst Control Center.  We monitored the fan throughout and it only went as high as 57% of the auto programed fan cycle.  This shows us that the combination of the cooler on the GPU and the airflow provided by the Phantom work well to keep temperatures in check.

With fan speeds increased to their maximum our system temperatures dropped in all areas. Our GPU temperature dropped to 66c which is very good for a HD5850 considering fan speeds were left on auto. Once again the Phantom offered excellent overall performance.

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