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HTC to inject $100 million into VR development with Vive X program

Vive X will be a new developmental program from HTC, that injects upwards of $100 (£69) million into virtual reality game making. However it won't be there to give companies the funds to make the games in the first place, it will provide all of the boring stuff, offering accounting services, HR and legal advice and base-level administration.

The idea behind the Vive X VR accelerator program, is to allow developers to do what they do best: make amazing experiences for virtual reality. Without having to worry about managing their business so much, HTC hopes that developers will be able to concentrate on making the games instead (thanks VRFocus).

Beyond handling the back-end office work – hopefully better than we would in Job Simulator – HTC will also be using its network of developers to encourage one another. Giving members of the Vive X system access to experienced VR creators and putting them in touch with venture capitalists who may be interested in investing.


As of yet, HTC hasn't detailed what the criteria is to become part of the Vive X system, whether it will target established indie game makers or first time developers, but there is an official website. You can sign up using the form there, where HTC asks for information such as how much money you go through each month as part of development, what is your product about and for any public footage or images you have released of it.

We would hazard a guess that having launched a product before will be a major bonus.

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KitGuru Says: Any budding VR developers among you would wouldn't mind taking advantage of this accelerator program?

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