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HTC Vive users sure want a lot of accessories

Ever since HTC put up its accessories website for the Vive, offering extra controllers, sensors, nose pieces and foam padding, VR fans have been requesting all sorts of extras and HTC is now finally listening. After it posted a Tweet asking for feedback on what the store should stock, commenters have not been shy about their responses.

While the Oculus Rift has a relatively compact, accessory-lite design, the HTC Vive comes with quite a lot of extras. However for many users that isn’t enough and they actually have a lot of ideas for peripherals and bits they’d love to augment or add to their Vive VR headset.

Some of the most basic requests include a replacement for the earbuds which come with the headset, alternative headphone options, a replacement head strap and cleaning kits to make taking care of the headset that bit easier.


However VR fans didn’t stop there. A look at the Reddit thread discussing the post yields even more suggestions: a premium head strap with built in headphones, replacement lenses and protectors, custom controller mounts for rifles and similar, a controller charging station, prescription lenses, tracking for mouse and keyboard and thinner face cushions.

Leg and torso tracking was also something people wanted to see, but that’s more of a case of adding trackers to different parts of your body and having developers use them as part of their game. It’s the age old chicken and egg scenario of the developers getting around to it when there are actually people able to utilise the feature.

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KitGuru Says: Extra tracking pucks would be very handy. I’d stick one on my dog. He’s had too many close shaves during frantic Audioshield tracks to not consider it at this point.

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