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Revive injector drivers supports Oculus Touch already

Even though the Oculus Touch controllers don't release for a few more weeks, the Revive injector drivers which make it possible to play Oculus ‘exclusive' games on the HTC Vive, already supports them. That means that when Touch does debut, many of the games that come with it should work just fine on the HTC VR headset.

This is something that has been possible within Revive projects for close to six months now, though the developers do admit that the implementation isn't perfect. There are still some controller animations that need to be implemented and Vive controllers don't support the capacitive inputs of the Touch controllers, but those are the only real differences.

In a subreddit discussion, one of the developers of Revive suggests that we may need to wait for a third party SteamVR controller with full capacitive support to get 100 per cent playable Touch games on the HTC Vive, but that we're not far off from that being a reality with the currently available hardware.

We're also told that there is some discrepancy between what you see in Touch games and what the Vive controllers feel like, which might be a slight barrier to full immersion in those experiences. However we're told that the developers are working on this, making whatever tweaks they can to line things up as best as possible.

KitGuru Says: Fans of motion controller games should have a lot more to play with come the start of December. There are said to be around 30 full Touch compatible games coming with the launch of the controllers, so there should be plenty to play this Christmas period. 

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