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Voice driven VR game, Starship Commander lets you talk to everyone

Starship Commander's debut trailer showcases a new and exciting way to play a game: using just your voice. In this story-driven, VR game, players take control of a new and advanced military space ship and must give commands to it and their compatriots out there in the inky black of space. Using smart speech recognition, the game can understand your requests and commands much like Alexa, Cortana or Siri.

Developed by fledgeling studio Human Interact and powered by Microsoft's LUIS cognitive speech detection system, Starship Commander is designed to be the most naturally conversational title yet, whilst still making you feel like you're part of the action. Instead of guiding your ship to attack the enemy, you'll tell it to. You'll ask questions of your superiors, who may choose to fill you in on what's going on or decline your request.

It's all down to how you say it. Interaction is the skillset you'll learn as part of the game and that's only possible because of Microsoft's LUIS system.

The Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) is a natural language processing system produced by Microsoft which builds upon previous efforts to help Bing and Cortana understand their users. There are modules for words, phrases and concepts, each of which is customisable by the developer.

Starship Commander has been in development for the past year at Human Interact. Headed by veteran industry producer Alexander Meija, who produced and edited on Saints Row 2, Saints Row the Third, Saints Row IV, Red Faction Guerrilla and Red Faction Armageddon at Volition, Starship Commander will be the developer's first game.

We don't have a release date for it just yet, but we do know when it arrives it will debut on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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KitGuru Says: Traditionally games that use a lot of vocal input, like Tom Clancy's End War, have been lessons in frustration. I am cautiously optimistic about Starship Commander though. Voice commands have come on a lot in recent years and interacting with in-game characters that way could be a really exciting way to play.


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