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HTC speaks out on issues during Vive EU launch

The launch of the first virtual reality consumer headsets has not been without its issues. HTC had some problems with pre-orders being mistakenly cancelled and a few other problems have arisen but the company is working hard to resolve them and has spoken out to explain things to its customers.

Right now, all Vive headsets are still set to ship out in the month noted on customer order confirmation emails. If you haven't received a tracking number yet though, then it means your unit hasn't gone out as things are being handled strictly on a first in, first out basis. Any customer that has been affected by the order processing issue, in which orders were mistakenly cancelled, will be contacted by HTC to resolve things.


In its blog post, HTC makes several mentions that the Vive is on-track and no delays have occurred, so the shipping date you got when you ordered should still be valid. However, some customers paid for express shipping rather than economy and yet did not get it, so those people will be getting a refund on that.

Some users have not received tracking information but have been charged, this is due to credit card payments being placed on temporary hold until your specific Vive unit has shipped. Finally, HTC has acknowledged that there is some inconsistencies between what the HTC Care team tells people and what the HTC Vive channels are saying, so that will be fixed up soon too in order to ensure better customer service all around.

KitGuru Says: Both Oculus and HTC have had some difficulties with the launch of VR but HTC in particular has been quick to respond to customers and address concerns so I don't think there is really any reason for customers to be worried. Have any of you ordered a Vive or an Oculus? Are you holding out until they drop in price? 

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