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Microsoft is ‘very excited’ about plans for VR

Microsoft recently announced Project Scorpio, its most powerful console ever with the intention of driving high-fidelity VR titles and 4K gaming. Microsoft has yet to jump into VR in the same way that Oculus, Sony or HTC have but the company is seeing potential there and is “very excited” about its future plans for VR on Scorpio.

While we don't know if Xbox will be coming out with a headset or relying on a partner like Oculus or HTC, Microsoft's head of operations at Xbox, Dave McCarthy, did have a few things to say in an interview with MCV: “We’re excited about VR. We brought Minecraft to Gear VR in the spring and Oculus this summer. We’re learning a lot as a game maker in the virtual reality space. There’s a tonne of healthy activity, especially in the high fidelity space on Windows 10, right now.”


“And we’re making sure with Project Scorpio in 2017 that the capabilities are there with six teraflops, doing things at the right time with the next step. We’re big on this space and we think it’s going to work well across our ecosystem.”

They haven't forgot about the Hololens though, while that made a big splash last year, right now the team behind that is focusing on the developer edition, with no near-term plans for a consumer version.

KitGuru Says: Microsoft already has a good partnership with Oculus, with an Xbox One controller shipping with every single Rift headset, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that this partnership could go further. Perhaps Xbox will get a ‘Powered by Oculus' device like the GearVR, or maybe the Rift itself will be compatible with Scorpio. Either way, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft intends to enter the VR-space. 

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