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MSI first system maker to be VR certified by Intel and Vive

The big push for virtual reality in gaming is kicking off right now and in order to help the less tech-savvy buy a capable machine to run VR games, Intel, Oculus and HTC Vive have all come up with certification processes, to give specific systems a ‘VR Capable' badge. MSI happens to be the first system maker to be certified by both HTC for the Vive and Intel.

It is clear that MSI is putting a huge focus on virtual reality going forward as the company has the first and currently only VR-certified gaming notebook, approved by both Intel and HTC. On top of that, MSI has created a ‘VR lab' in order to continuously experiment with this new technology and stay ahead.


MSI has also set up a collaboration program that VR developers can sign up to. We don't know exactly what this entails but it is another avenue for developers to go if they need help on their projects.

KitGuru Says: MSI has several VR-ready certified systems available already and it looks like the company will be adding to the roster for some time to come. 

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