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Xmas PC delivery still possible until Thursday confirms MESH

As we approach Christmas Day, the possibility of getting anything delivered ‘before the big event' in the UK gets smaller and smaller. When the big day gets close, one technique used by the independent system builders is to focus down on a selection of specifications that they believe will be popular – and to have them on standby for instant shipping. We checked in with London-based manufacturer MESH Computers to see what is still possible.

When buying a rig for your own use, we know that KitGuru readers have some very specific requirements. One look at the KitGuru Reader Awards 2017 and we know that your favourite bits of kit read like a who's who of the fastest products on the planet. But what if you need a general use PC for the family or a gaming rig for a member of the family?  That's where local system builders come in to play. The idea that you can buy a complete, ready-built/tested system with Windows 10 pre-installed/configured for less than £800 (and someone else will be handling any technical support questions) can be attractive.

We spoke with May from MESH and she told us that they have 3 specifications pre-built and ready to ship in time for Christmas – as long as your order is completed by 3pm on Thursday 21st December. Here are the options:-

  • £799 for the RTS Matrix Ryzen 5 with ASUS motherboard, Ryzen 5 1600 processor, GTX1050Ti graphics, 120GB SSD boot drive and a 1TB data drive
  • £399 for the RTS Matrix Ryzen 3 which also has an ASUS motherboard, GT710 graphics and 8GB of DDR4
  • £399 gets you the RTS Elite Pro with an i3, 8GB DDR4 and 1TB hard drive

If you're happy waiting a couple of days more, then MESH also produces a full range of gaming PCs which are available custom built to order.

KitGuru says: If someone in your friends-n-family circle is in the market for an affordable gaming rig (off the shelf and ready to ship), then a Ryzen 5 rig that boots from an SSD with a 1050Ti might hit the spot. We encourage you to head over to Facebook and let us know if any other system vendors are offering a guaranteed pre-Xmas delivery service!

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