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Ablecom launches new digital signage solutions

The market for digital signage is already big, but in 2014 it is only a fraction of the size that it will be in 10 years time. Right now, there are no clear leaders in this field – in the sense that you can ask someone in the street and they will be able to name a brand. Ablecom is planning to change all that. KitGuru caught up with Ablecom VP Rover Chen to find out more.

While most of the attention at Computex 2014 was given to the biggest names in component manufacture, products that have been designed to target the fastest growing markets didn't get so much attention.

On our last day at the show, we made a point of seeking out these companies – one of which is Ablecom.

Established in 1997, this Taiwanese specialist manufacturer has 17 years experience in the industrial/professional market place.

In recent years, that focus has moved to digital signage and they are now pushing a lot of R&D resource into this field.

We saw some larger units at CeBIT, back in March, but at Computex we were presented with some gorgeous looking mini units by Rover Chen, Global VP for Sales.

To add a little glamour, we added a couple of passing showgirls for the first shot.

Essentially, the smaller unit is memory-only and does not have space for a drive – hence the dual wireless antennae. The larger unit can be fitted with a big drive if necessary.

Rover told us that, in addition to new 4K enabled Intel units, he is also working on some AMD-based devices.

Maybe this is what AMD's John Byrne meant when he said that his company would be focusing more on embedded systems in rapidly expanding markets.





KitGuru says: To be honest, if an Ablecom customer doesn't want these units, we'd take em ourselves. Solid construction, gorgeous colours and the ability to house a sensibly powered PC. With companies like Ablecom driving this hard, you get the feeling that the hardware is developing faster than the software in this arena.

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