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LEGO’s DC Super Villains Gameplay, PC

Step aside Heroes! For the first time ever, you have the ability to play as a SUPER Villain in Warner Bros' new LEGO DC Super Villains. The Lego games have been around for a while but DC Super Villains changes up the formula with more action as you take on the Justice League. 

LEGO DC Super Villain was released on the 19th October worldwide and sets itself apart by switching sides, giving you the chance to play as villains rather than heroes. There is even a character creator this time around, which becomes available immediately after the first cutscene. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new items, which can then be used to customise your character even further. You can make these adjustments as much as you want, so your character's look is never permanent and experimentation is encouraged.

I personally love spending the time to customise a character, whether it's a realistic looking one, or a tiny LEGO woman.  What did my character look like you ask? Well, She was a mask wearing, carrot wielding, white and pink EVIL blonde bunny! Sooo evil… The character creator isn't without its flaws though. I couldn't wear butterfly wings, a hat or some of the cape options due to my character having long hair. However, I'm sure some better gear will become unlockable later in the game.

If you aren't already a fan of the LEGO games, then this one won't change your mind. Its the same style of play as many of the others. Its very familiar and the same cheesy sense of humour returns for the cutscenes. You can go around levels breaking things down for ‘studs'. You can become the ultimate collector and earn ‘gold bricks' and other cool little collectibles. You will also unlock new characters as you progress through different levels.

There are ‘free-play' areas, allowing you to go back to a certain level to do it again with different characters. This will open up some parts that were previously inaccessible and you'll be rewarded with new items that you couldn't get before.

In all, the mechanics are very similar to the other games in the franchise, although this time a combo system has been added to combat. Generally, I feel the game hasn't much changed overall but its still fun and some of the new features are enjoyable.

KitGuru Says: Be sure to check out the gameplay video above, we'll be back with more games coverage soon! 

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