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Commodore 64 re-released with updated tech

The Commodore 64, one of the biggest selling computers of all time is back, with a similar design but updated with some new technology to bring it kicking and screaming into the new millennium.

A Florida based company recreated the computer and are selling it from this week. The company – called ‘Commodore USA' have sold out the first batch in a single day, but we don't know how many units that was. They have licensed the rights to the Commodore name last September.

Barry Altman, Commodore USA's chief executive said “It looks just like the original Commodore 64, with even the old-style keyboard. In fact, that keyboard was the biggest accomplishment of all, so far. The keys look like a piece of clay that you pushed a marble into — so it fits your fingertip.”

The price is $595 and inside there is now 4 gigabytes of memory, not 64k as in the original. It features an Atom D525 1.8ghz processor with Nvidia Ion handling the graphics.

Altman added “We expected our audience to be the nostalgia crowd, and that's true, a lot of people buying them owned an original Commodore 64 back in the '80s. But we're also finding that there are young kids who are geek geniuses who have iPhones and iPads and things like that and they're looking at this thing and they're into it. They've actually been a big part of our customer base so far too. It's been a surprise.”

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