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Microsoft release BING for iPad: rave reviews

Yesterday, Microsoft released BING for the iPad. So far it is getting rave reviews from the public who have downloaded it, and even critics are feeling inspired by the software implementation.

Bing for the iPad is similar in structure to the iPhone version, however there are many differences incorporated. The iPad application looks much nicer, thanks to the added real estate available from the bigger screen.

It displays the Bing home page with clickable information related boxes, such as lists for movies, trends, maps and weather. This strip along the bottom works exceptionally well and means users have quick access to various forms of entertainment and news feeds. The navigation system also works from a pull down menu from the top toolbar. There is also voice search which was a popular feature on the iPhone application.

The Bing search option also works well on the iPad, displaying the information is a highly intuitive manner. The public are rating it highly with over 180 reviews, most of which are the full 5 stars.

Bing is improving with age and while we still prefer Google for searching, this application is certainly going to be a positive software release for Microsoft. Clearly they can design well laid out software with a snappy, well coded interface.

KitGuru says: It is quite ironic that this is possibly one of their best new releases and it is for a competitor product.

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