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iPod touch photos showing capacitive home button leaked

Images of an iPod touch with a non physical home button have leaked on the internet. Many are claiming that this is an upcoming model of the iPod with a capacitive home button.

Apple have sold over 55 million iPod Touch players since they were introduced in 2007. Four generations of the iPod touch have been released, each with software updates and added features, such as the 0.7 megapixel fixed focus camera.

The physical home button has been on all of the iPod touch designs since it first hit retail so the possible change to a capacitive button is big news within the Apple community. The pictures which leaked are rather blurry camera photos, but they highlight the new chassis design. It also has a DVT-1 badge, 128GB of memory and an aluminum back which resembles the description of the new iPhone 5, marked model MC550LL.

The photos show that the touch is running firmware 4.2.1MC14 which is an older version. This could mean that this model is a test build which was created some time ago for a possible future design implementation.

KitGuru says: Right now this is only a rumour, but it is an interesting one as it could help prolong the life span of the upcoming models.

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