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Chillblast Fusion Master Skylake gaming rig showcase

As all of the major system builders move across to Skylake, KitGuru invited Ben Miles into the studio to talk through his company’s latest gaming rig. Specifically, we were interested in some bold claims that Chillblast is making about the performance increase they have managed to achieve over the previous model – which was based on Devil’s Canyon.

With the Skylake processor mounted on an Asus board with Cooler Master case, PSU and liquid cooling – Chillblast have certainly made the effort to cover the bases with the Fusion Master gaming rig. A GTX980 provides the graphics grunt and everything is housed in Cooler Master’s modular Master chassis.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (below) or over on YOUTUBE HERE
You can read more on the system at Chillblast, over HERE.

KitGuru says: Ben’s R&D team have taken a raw 5% clock-for-clock improvement in the processor itself and then stretched it right out with the use of PCI-Express SSD and some cute, liquid cooled overclocking on a processor that has more headroom. If his optimism is well-placed, then we’re looking forward to seeing some really fast rigs in the KitGuru Labs over the coming months.

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