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Chillblast presents ultra slim Skylake Samurai gaming laptop

There's nothing that PC gamer like better than to refer to themselves as Gaming Royalty. KitGuru wonders if that's the mindset that Chillblast was in when they created the Samurai Gaming Notebook. Born around Japan's Heian period, Samurai were “those who serve in close attendance to the nobility”. Whatever the logic, the specifications, …

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Chillblast switches all its gaming laptops to SSHD

We'd expect a drive vendor like Seagate to be overly enthusiastic about its SSHD drives, but Ben's interest is solely on delivering Chillblast gaming laptop customers with the best experience possible. Here he is explaining – and demonstrating – his company's mobile storage choice. We recently had Ben in the KitGuru …

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Chillblast Fusion Master Skylake gaming rig showcase

As all of the major system builders move across to Skylake, KitGuru invited Ben Miles into the studio to talk through his company's latest gaming rig. Specifically, we were interested in some bold claims that Chillblast is making about the performance increase they have managed to achieve over the previous …

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Up close and personal with Chillblast systems

Trusting your preferred system builder and component manufacturers means that many of us will never see the computer we buy, before we buy it. Major LAN events give you a great chance to get hands-on, so that's what KitGuru did with Ben Miles from Chillblast. We've had Ben in the KitGuru …

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