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Chillblast showcase Skylake Fusion Krypton system

For each generation of components, you get the periphery, the mainstream and the sweet spot. According to Chillblast, this Mini-ITX system is perfect for Fallout 4 at maximum detail. Ben also told us that it's VR-ready for HTC and Oculus. We asked him to bring one into the KitGuru studio and give us a tour. 

With Chillblast controlling the chassis and cooling, they are sure that the 6600K is in the right situation to deal with a 4.4GHz clock. Coupled with a GTX970 graphics card and M.2 boot drive, your £899 gets you a lot of ticks on the average gamer's check list. Chillblast also promise to sort any hardware problems for up to 2 years and will give you lifetime technical support.

  • Intel Core i5-6600K (O/C up to 4.4GHz)
  • Asus Z170I PRO GAMING Motherboard
  • 16GB DDR4 2133MHz
  • 128GB Samsung SM951 M2 Solid State Drive
  • 2TB Data Drive
  • 4GB nVidia GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card
  • Lifetime Tech Support
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit (Pre-installed & Disc Included)
  • Thermaltake E-Sports Commander Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

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KitGuru says: VR seems to be arriving in 2 flavours: Immersive and interactive. Only time will tell what the minimum spec will be for a fully interactive experience, but – with the technology available in the market today – a 6600K at 4.4GHz and a 4GB GTX970 looks like a good pairing. 

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