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Seagate is making an external HDD specifically for Xbox One

One key thing setting the PlayStation 4 apart from the Xbox One this generation is the fact that Sony allows users to replace the hard drive found inside of the console, either for a speedier SSD or just for extra space. Microsoft on the other hand is a little more restrictive, making it so that users looking for extra space need a compatible external hard drive.

It is clear that 500GB isn't enough for this new generation of consoles. I own an Xbox One myself and I'm pretty much always hovering around 90% full with around six games installed. Microsoft has since began selling a 1TB version of the Xbox One, but for those who still need extra space, the company has also partnered up with Seagate to launch an Xbox branded external HDD.


The image you see above shows off the  ‘Game Drive', a 2TB external storage solution specifically for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Presently Microsoft refers to this as the “only external drive designed exclusively” for the Xbox One, though I imagine there would be some way to get it working with PCs.

It connects via USB 3.0 and the Xbox One will recognize it as a second drive for games, which will give you much more space on your console. Over in the US, the Game Drive will set you back by $99 directly through Seagate. Though price and availability information isn't yet available for other territories.

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KitGuru Says: My Xbox One is constantly full so getting an external storage device for it would probably be a good idea. Though I do wish Microsoft would just allow console owners to replace the internal drive, I would much rather throw a speedy SSD in there. 

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