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Cyberpower Infinity X135 Plus Prebuilt Gaming PC Review

Rating: 8.5.

Cyberpower got in touch recently to ask if we fancied taking a look at one of their new Intel 13th Gen / Nvidia RTX 4080 systems. We chose the Infinity X135 Plus from their website store as it offers an RTX 4080 GPU paired with an Intel Core i5 CPU. Cyberpower assured us that the combination is ideal for gaming and even offered to send i7 and i9 CPUs with the system so that we could check performance out for ourselves. So, let’s get on with some testing and find out if the i5-13600KF is all you need for gaming…


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We already know how good the Intel Core i5-13600K is when it comes to gaming performance, Leo loved the 13600K when he reviewed it a couple of months ago but paired with an RTX 4080 can it offer framerates in gaming as consistent as an i7 or i9 from this same Intel generation? That’s what we are here to find out today while we take a look at this new Cyberpower Infinity X135 Plus pre-built system. But before we start swapping out CPUs to compare the performance, let’s look at the system in the default state it arrived in from Cyberpower.

The Cyberpower Infinity X135 Plus packs in some of the latest PC hardware and is aimed at users who want to play modern games at high resolution with consistent frame rates. Customers can buy the Infinity X135 Plus as the base system only with the spec set out by Cyberpower, or customise the system by adding laser engraving to the tempered glass side panel, changing RGB lighting options, adding peripherals and displays or even swapping out components such as upgrading the CPU, memory, storage space, graphics card, case etc. However, customising the system will increase the system’s cost from the pre-configured price of £2799.


Looking at this system's design and specs, it's clear that Cyberpower is aiming the Infinity X135 Plus at experienced gamers who want to push high frame rates at 1440p resolution or a consistently smooth 4K gaming experience. Let’s start by looking at the choice of chassis, the Lian Li Air Mini is a compact case but supports up to EATX motherboards so there’s no compromise on hardware support.

Because the specification includes an Nvidia RTX 4080, we know that the case will allow for big and chunky graphics cards to be installed. The high airflow chassis design will ensure that the hardware is kept running cool even during long gaming sessions while playing demanding games. This is all good news for serious gamers.

Cyberpower has been rather savvy with the choice of CPU too. The Intel Core i5-13600KF received positive reviews from almost every angle when it was launched, with gaming performance being one of the CPUs strongest plus points so even though this is Intel’s mid-range CPU from this generation, it should not disappoint. We will see just how good this CPU is later during our testing.

The motherboard in the Infinity X135 Plus is an MSI Pro Z790-P WiFi, equipped with Intel’s latest high-end Z790 chipset which means that if the user feels adventurous in the future and wants to push a little more performance through the CPU they will be able to do so by overclocking, a feature that’s not available on Intel’s lower-end chipsets and non-K series CPUs. Cyberpower will overclock the system when purchasing for a small fee but our sample system does not include CPU overclocking.

Cyberpower has gone almost all out with the graphics card in the Infinity X135 Plus by choosing an MSI RTX 4080 Ventus. The RTX 4080 is capable of producing consistent frame rates at 4K resolution even with graphics quality settings cranked up on the latest games. The RTX 4080 is a real gaming powerhouse but it comes at a big cost. To purchase the card alone will set you back around £1300, pushing up the system’s price considerably, but for some, this might be a price worth paying for console-destroying performance.

The system also supports the latest DDR5 memory. Cyberpower has installed 32GB Kingston Fury Beast DDR5-5600 CL40 memory in the Infinity X135. It's not the fastest or lowest latency DDR5 memory in the world but it's overkill for current gaming needs so it will see you through many years and potential upgrades.

For storage, the Cyberpower Infinity X135 Plus is equipped with a single M.2 SSD. The Solidigm P44 Pro is a very fast PCIe Gen4X4 drive with rated speeds of up to 7000MB/s sequential read and 6500MB/s write speeds, which is more than enough for any gaming system. The 2TB capacity should be enough space to install several games but with game installation sizes increasing all the time this might be an area that you could add to in future, which isn’t a problem as the motherboard has plenty more M.2 slots and SATA ports.

To power the system Cyberpower has chosen an MSI MPG A850GF PSU. MSI isn’t well known for its power supplies as much as its motherboards and graphics cards so we are unsure of its quality, but it is an 850W unit with 80 Plus Gold certification so it should prove to be adequate for the system in terms of power output and offer decent efficiency.

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