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OCUK Prodigy Arctic Gaming System Review

Our room environment is held at 23c, which is a comfortable temperature for most people. We measure temperatures of the processor, memory, motherboard and graphics card when idle, and under load.

Idle results are measured when the system is resting at the desktop. After 20 minutes the results are recorded. CPU load results are measured when tasked with Cinema4D. Gaming results are measured when loaded with Crysis.

The Coolit liquid cooler handles the overclocked temperatures well, peaking at under 50c when loaded with Cinema4D.

The KFA2 GTX680 OC LTD peaks at 77c when gaming – this rises to 84 when loaded with the synthetic Furmark stress test. The fan has to spin quite high to compensate within such a diminutive chassis, and we will measure noise emissions shortly.

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