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PC Specialist Vanquish 670XM Gaming System Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are looking at the latest gaming system from PC Specialist, the Vanquish 670XM. This PC features an overclocked Intel Core i5 3570K, 8GB of Kingston Hyper X memory, a 120GB Kingston SSD with 1TB HDD and a 2GB GTX670.

On paper it looks to be a well balanced configuration at around £999 inc vat, but how does it perform?

PC Specialist are offering multiple configurations of this system, with a CMStorm Enforcer or HAF-XM case and GTX660Ti or GTX670 discrete graphics. Wisely they don’t force a Bluray optical drive on the gamer, but it is available for a slight premium.

Name: Vanquish 670XM

Processor: Intel Core i5 3570K @ 4.6GHz
8GB Kingston Hyper-X
120 Kingston Hyper-X 3K
Graphics card:
2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670
24x DVD-RW
Power supply:
Corsair TX650V2
Spire Gemini Rev.3 + Arctic MX4 Paste
CoolerMaster HAF-XM

Price: £999.00 inc VAT & Delivery

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  • Manucuna

    thats very nicely put together. good attention to detail.

  • Xtreme

    Cooler Master case choice is good, they cool very very well without much noise., I have one !

  • Eran

    Good build, impressed with the spec too, nothing ‘weak’ in it that seems to be them just clearing stock to ill informed customers

  • Warren

    Cooler Master cases do use good fans, its a point that I liked to see being made. It sounds like such a minor thing to bring up, but I bought a Xigmatek case last year or 18 months ago and I had to replace all the fans in it. Some companies just buy the cheapest fans possible and try to maximise their profit. Long term it just doesnt work.