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Exclusive price and availability info on Asus ET2220, ET2300 and ET2701

While the mere launch of the Windows 8-powered Asus ET2300 All-in-One was met with hundreds of pages of copy on the web, the biggest questions remained unanswered. How much will it cost, when will it be available and can Asus build enough of these systems for the Q4 rush? KitGuru, as you would expect, as the answers.

There are many routes available for a modern company to bring its goods to market.

Asus follows the channel model.

It designs and manufactures in the Far East, those products are shipped into distribution warehouses across the globe, ready to satisfy local orders from high street retailers and online stores. We consumers buy from that retail channel and then get supported locally as well.

Why the ‘101 in product distribution'?  Simple. For the ET2220, 2300 and 2701 to succeed in the market, there needs to be enough margin to satisfy Asus AND the distributors AND the retailer who sells it to consumers.

Full details on the kind of specification Asus has integrated into the ET2200 ranges was reported by KitGuru earlier. Given the top spec Core i7 mobile processor, full HD 23″ touch screen, Windows 8 and a new surround sound audio configuration, Asus needs to get its sums right if it is to take the high street by storm in the busy Q4 period of the year. Technically, that's October, November and December – but it's probably more practical to consider it November to January, because that's where the bulk of the electronics cash will be spent.

The lower end of the Windows touch screen desktop market is defined by products like the Atom-powered MSI Wind, which starts at just under £500. The biggest name in this market is probably HP and its sadly under powered Pentium-based All in One PCs begin around £550. The HP Omni is probably closer to what Asus is aiming to do, with its Core i3 27-1110 model selling on HP's site for £850 and the Core i7 powered version (Omni 27-1180) for £1,400.

So, done and dusted with the KitGuru preamble about the importance of getting it right, how many coins of the realm will you need to hand over if you want the ET2220, ET2300 or ET2701 from Asus with Windows 8?

Entry level ET2200 versions of the Asus All in One Windows 8 PC start from just £699


The mid-range ET2300 comes in at £899 with the top of the range ET2701 at £1,699

KitGuru says: Analysts have been predicting for several years that touch screen, all in one PCs will become a serious part of the market. With this kind of pricing, Asus is clearly doing its part to stake a serous claim with the ET2300.

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