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AMD Frame AAA Custom System Build – Part 3

In preparation for part 3 of our AMD Frame custom build, I've been hard at work getting all the parts modified and ready to start building the system. Lots of parts that were black are now white, some parts have been wrapped in chrome effect vinyl and some parts have arrived from laser cutting. The system build gets underway in this video and boy it’s looking good. This could be shaping up to be the best white theme system we have ever seen!  


00:00 Start/Recap
01:20 The hardware
01:55 MasterFrame 700 mods
04:24 Radiators mods
05:15 Waterblock for graphics card
05:42 Pump Res combo part mods & fixes
07:30 What needs done (and some more goodies)
08:41 Assembly of the parts
21:35 The build so far: and coming in Part 4 !
23:35 Which way to mount the graphics card? please comment
25:27 Tubing brand discussion
26:55 Making our own satin tubing
29:32 Check back for Part 4 soon!

There has been plenty of progress since the last time we saw the AMD Frame Custom build. I've finished off all the painting of smaller parts such as the EK pump/res combos, parts of the GPU water block, the whole Cooler Master MasterFrame 700 chassis as well as completing the mods to the EK Surface radiators which now have chrome-wrapped end caps to compliment the white fan mounts that were painted in the first video.

Painting the Acetal parts such as the pump housing, reservoir lid and GPU block end covers was tricky. Initially, there were treated like other plastic parts, so were roughed up with some 400 grit sanding pads, primed with a few coats of plastic primer and then painted with numerous white top coats. However, the acetal is a difficult surface to get paint to adhere to and with the slightest knock the paint would chip and peel off very easily.

This wasn’t going to be a durable finish so it was decided that the paint would be stripped, which wasn’t difficult as it peeled off very easily and a new technique applied. This time instead of going straight in with the plastic primer, an adhesion promoter was used first. A couple of coats of this were applied before the plastic primer and top coats, which seem to have worked very well and produced a much more durable finish that we are happy with now.

As well as painting all the parts ready for assembly, the radiator mod has also been finished. If you saw the first video in this series you will remember that the radiator fan mounts were painted white but a decision needed to be made on what to do with the end caps. These are now wrapped in vinyl with a chrome effect which really sets off the white and silver theme to a treat and fits in perfectly with the other modded parts of the system.

Core System Specification

Cooling Hardware

Now that these parts have been modded, building the system up for the final time can begin. Good progress is made on building the system up but there are one or two things that need to be changed for us to be totally satisfied with the finished product. The EK pump mounts need to be painted white, cable combs need to be swapped for white ones and the cables from the Lian-Li Uni Fans need some modification to match the rest of the system’s custom cable design.

In the next video, the last of the modding jobs will be completed and we will see how the system looks when it’s fully built up, including the 11.9-inch LCD display and custom ‘Ryzen | Radeon' logo panel which we got a sneak preview of this time around. Already this system is looking amazing but we can't wait to see how it looks when it's complete.

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KitGuru says: Even partially built, the system looks absolutely amazing, could it be the best white build you have ever seen? We think it might just be… if we can say so ourselves!

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