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Seasonic AURA MODDED Build (Part 3)

It feels like a long time has passed since we last brought you an update on the Seasonic Aura custom build project, in typical 2020 fashion we have been hit with some unexpected delays which seem to be the norm these days. However, today we have a big update with the project, and you can watch it all in the latest video episode.

In Seasonic Aura Part 3, we get to see some of our laser cut aluminium panels, the custom power supply shroud with a ‘Powered by Seasonic’ logo is looking fantastic. We mod the power supply shroud further by adding a blue acrylic panel, illuminate it with LED lighting and detail the steps to make your own LED lighting strips at home to save a little in your wallet.

Making LED lighting strips is an easy DIY PC mod you can do at home, all you need is a self-adhesive LED strip (typically used in kitchens for illuminating countertops) some wire and connectors. We used a blue LED strip but the same method is used for any colour strip, even remote-controlled RGB strips can be adapted for use inside a PC. We also recycled some old Molex power connectors to connect the strips to a 12v outlet from the PC power supply.

While in the mood for wiring mods, we partially built the system, finalised the layout of the main components then set about modifying other cables. The multicoloured wires coming from the Alphacool pump had to go. To tone these down, we stripped the pump cover off, removed the original white Molex power and four-pin fan header connectors, added some black PET sleeving and some fresh black connectors, now the cables look fit for this system.

Additionally, the CPU block cable needs to be modified too, the length of the cable was reduced to minimise the need for cable management, this again involved removing the top cover from the CPU block, de-soldering the tiny wires from the small LED Alphacool logo, reducing the cable length, re-soldering and sleeving the cable, before assembling the CPU block LED panel and top cover. These are small mods but it’s the detail like this that counts towards the overall quality of the finished build.

The addition of aluminium laser-cut parts such as the custom power supply shroud, GPU backplate cover and the SSD covers complement the brushed aluminium effect memory modules we previously modded, as well as the aluminium heatsinks on the Gigabyte Z490 Vision D motherboard and provide an excellent contrast with the black parts and subtle blue lighting. The system is starting to take shape now.

We have more mods and tinkering to come with this system, next time ill be making up custom length and sleeved power supply cables from scratch to replace the stock Seasonic cables, so make sure you stay tuned to the KitGuru YouTube channel and keep checking back in at the website for the next instalment of the Seasonic Aura mod project!

KitGuru says: After a small delay, the Seasonic Aura System is starting to come together quite nicely now, and we can see that subtle industrial theme beginning to come through. Let us you know what you think of how the system is progressing and if there is anything you would change or add to the build.

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