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8Pack Releases Ultra High End Systems Range with OverclockersUK: Exclusive Look

Famous for his record breaking overclocking achievements and benchmark scores, Ian Parry, better known as 8Pack, has spent many months perfecting his own range of ultra high end, watercooled systems. Since seeing a teaser picture back in August, KitGuru couldn’t wait to see what OverclockersUK and 8Pack had in store for enthusiasts who want nothing but the best.

After more than six months of tireless work, Thursday September 5th was the day of launch for 8Pack’s very own range of enthusiast systems.

KitGuru was invited to the launch event for the ultra high end systems designed by the UK’s number 1 professional overclocker – 8Pack – and sold by OverclockersUK, so sit back and enjoy the photos that we have for you to feast your eyes on.


Available to purchase right now from OverclockersUK, 8Pack has focused his efforts into creating three unique and ultra high end systems that will appeal to a wide range of performance enthusiasts. All built with custom watercooling configurations and heavy overclocks in mind, 8Pack told us that he wanted his range of ultra high end systems to offer “nothing but the best” with “no compromise“.

The processors are hand-picked by 8Pack himself and find their way into his systems thanks to their strong overclocking potential, as proven by a painstaking binning process. 8Pack’s systems are designed “to be better“, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the ultra high end machines available through OverclockersUK from Great Britain’s #1 professional overclocker.

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  • David SD

    Those are extremely nice, and extremely expensive . love it though.

  • Eran

    Wouldn’t fancy dealing with him on the RMA phase, he is huge. might beat the crap out of me :p

  • Topperfalkon

    Dont think they have any competition, they will clean up. depending on how many people can spare between 6 and 10 grand that is

  • Alex

    They are all quite beautiful. completely out of my price range, but my friend lacks the skills and has plenty of cash. he will probably already be on the phone ordering as we speak.

  • Rt23ds

    Why put the res at the top? what happens if it leaks? all over the mobo and GPU under it? I would have it at the bottom.

    Nice looking builds, but I dont understand the res at the top like that….

  • Hank

    three titans in SLI? holy bejesus I just wet myself

  • Greg

    Not the biggest fan of OCUK, however this has raised my opinion of them. I am getting sick seeing systems using Corsair H100i coolers and the same old crap in every build.

    Sure these are expensive, but when you get to this grade people will be willing to pay for it, because they can’t do it for themselves (very few can build to the 8Pack standard even if they say they can).

  • Peter

    How many of these are they building a month? I actually think the demand will be higher than people imagine, 8PACK building them all himself? surely not!

  • Optical Illusion

    impressive, well better looking than my rig. great idea. works of art.

  • DeVe

    Very nice machines! Congrats overclockers.co.uk, It’s my fav PC components shop!

    One thing that I think it’s a bit useless and maybe misleading(if I play stupid):
    “Hand-picked Intel Core i7 3770K” – What about the other components? They are not hand picked? Are they robot picked? What are you trying to do here with that phrase? It is already a very good machine, powerful, fancy, whatever you want … but don’t call the CPU Handpicked please … I feel insulted …

    Keep up the good work Overclockers.co.uk!

  • DeVe, The ‘hand-picked’ phrase is used to highlight the fact that 8Pack cherry-picks the CPUs that go into his systems after painstakingly (my words, not 8Pack’s) binning many processors.

    They get into his systems after meeting strict overclocking parameters (including, but not limited to, certain frequencies with a certain voltage).

  • DeVe – I think they mean the processor is hand picked for its overclocking headroom. Some 3770k’s overclock better than others and will require a little less voltage for the same clocks.