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Iconsole TV will also use SteamOS

A while back the Iconsole TV was announced, and it attracted attention with its rather powerful developer kits that used Ivy-bridge CPU's, 8GB RAM and dual 500GB hybrid drives. These specs make up the most powerful Android device out there and now it will come with Steam OS too.

According to Christopher Price, CEO of Mobile Media Ventures, Android is the future of PC's thanks to how open it is but developers never had a truly powerful Android system to work with. Price has now given developers that system and with the addition of Steam OS support, it can only get better.


Steam OS will be integrated as a launch-able shortcut bringing you straight into Valve's living room friendly Linux interface. This will work without the need to dual boot, tweak firmware or access low level settings. However, it still remains to be seen how well this Linux on Linux approach will perform. Obviously having Steam OS on your Android device brings some great benefits – mainly you'll have access to your entire game library. Along with all of your games being playable, you will also be able to use the stream function to play games that aren't yet Linux compatible.

KitGuru Says: MMV has limitlessly expanded the game library of its console with the addition of Steam OS. In many ways this console would make a good Steam Box as you could play titles from the Play Store with ease and then stream your bigger games from a more powerful desktop to your TV. I'm liking where gaming is heading right now, my only concern is that ISP's might not be able to upgrade Internet services fast enough to accommodate all of the extra bandwidth people are going to need for those big game downloads. 

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