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Microsoft may reveal all-in-one Surface in October

We have been hearing whispers about Microsoft’s plans to expand its Surface line beyond tablets and the Surfacebook for a few months already. However, it looks like things are finally starting to come to fruition as reports this week are claiming that Microsoft is set to reveal its first all-in-one Surface PC next month.

Microsoft’s new all-in-one system is said to be codenamed “Cardinal” and according to ZDNet’s sources, the aim is to “turn your desk into a studio”. Microsoft already challenged the Macbook Pro with its Surfacebook but if these rumours are to be beleived, these new all-in-one systems will likely end up taking on the iMac as well.


Image: Surface Hub via Microsoft

For now, Microsoft is keeping quiet on specifics but we can speculate that there will be a couple of screen-size options, perhaps Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel screen technology will also be put to use, which we have seen used in the Surface Hub (the giant 84-inch Surface).

The report does note that while we may see something this October, Microsoft will likely save some of its bigger announcements for early 2017, when the SurfaceBook refresh and new Surface tablets are said to be coming.

KitGuru Says: All-in-one PCs aren’t a bad idea if you are looking for a productivity machine and want to save on space. However, these style systems aren’t necessarily useful to everyone, so it will be interesting to see how people respond to the idea of an All-in-one Surface PC.

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  • NoSenseRasmus


  • Tyrann

    All-in-ones are meant to be budget friendly. Microsoft so far has not been very good at pricing.

  • chris

    What good for productivity?
    Ive never seeen anyone want a touchscreen for productivity uses its allways a good old fashioned kb and mouse

  • We are talking about an all-in-one PC like the iMac, not like a tablet, Microsoft already has that. The PC would use a keyboard and mouse.

  • Tell that to Apple sine iMacs are not budget friendly. πŸ˜›

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  • BaronMatrix

    Competing with their partners is what killed Windows Phone.. Someone save Microsoft from itself…

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  • Maybe it’s time for the giant to die….