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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s next major update is out

Microsoft Flight Simulator released in 2020 to a positive reception with many praising the game’s rendering of the entire Earth – even if there were a few mistakes. Asobo Studio has since been updating its world country-by-country with accurate and bespoke mapping – the latest World Update of which is available now.

Making the announcement on the Xbox Blog, Asobo Studio’s Jorg Neumann, the Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, said “Start exploring the coastal nooks of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, the heights of the Pyrenees, and legendary architecture of cities like Lisbon and Madrid with World Update VIII: Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar & Andorra.”

With this latest update, the regions listed above have been enhanced with “new, high resolution geographic improvements, including elevation data, photogrammetry, and aerial imagery”. Additionally, Asobo Studio has added four handcrafted airports, 99 custom points of interest, four bush trips, four new discovery flights, and five new landing challenges.

This marks the 8th World Update, with previous patches seeing similar improvements made to Japan, the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Benelux, Nordic Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Australia.

While it is unlikely that the team will be able to map the entire world with bespoke custom buildings and textures, it is nice to see them giving this treatment to as many locations as possible. Hopefully less typically represented countries are also added.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of World Update 8? What countries do you want to see added next? Is your country represented well in MSFS? Let us know down below.

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