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Stadia exclusive Super Bomberman R Online is coming to PC

At this point, it is safe to say that Google’s Stadia streaming platform failed to live up to the expectations set upon it by the tech giant. Though the service remains, Google will no longer focus on offering first-party experiences. One of Stadia’s few exclusives, Super Bomberman R Online, now appears to be seeing a wider release, as it is coming to PC.

Though no official announcement has been made just yet, Super Bomberman R Online has been rated by the ESRB for PC, nearly guaranteeing its release onto the platform. Super Bomberman R Online was originally released for Stadia back in September of 2020.

The game has you “Drop bombs and collect power-ups to blast your way through SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE! You can compete against up to 64 players from around the world in this explosive survival battle. With the new BATTLE 64 mode, move from one area to another and blast away your rivals in an epic online survival battle! Fight your way to the end and outlast all other players to be BOMBER ONE!”

The game received mostly positive reviews from critics, however, due to its Stadia exclusivity, the game never lived up to its maximum potential. With the game seemingly releasing on PC, it will be interesting to see how Super Bomberman R Online is received by a wider audience, and if this battle royale game will be able to thrive after being removed from the shackles of Stadia.

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