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Netflix is considering a push into cloud gaming

Netflix has been building up its own games business for a year now. The company has acquired and started up new game studios, and brought a selection of titles to its streaming service. In the future, Netflix may venture further with a cloud gaming offering, taking lessons from Google's issues …

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Monthly Stadia Pro games announced for October

Google’s Stadia game streaming service has struggled somewhat to gain a foothold within the video games industry, falling behind the likes of Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now when it comes to public consciousness. Despite this, Google is continuing to add value to the service slowly but surely, with …

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Google has reportedly ‘deprioritised’ Stadia to focus on licensing streaming tech

Back in August, we learned that Google was hiring new Stadia employees to work on licensing its streaming tech out to game developers and publishers, in lieu of focusing on first-party games and bringing consumers on to Stadia directly. Now, it seems that plan is very much in motion, with Google reportedly being in talks with the likes of Bungie and Capcom.

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